Across the Board (ATB) Talent, founded in 2008 by entertainment professional and entrepreneur Guy Kochlani, is a full-service licensed Talent Agency. ATB represents its talent "across the board:" theatrically, commercially, in print, hosting, voiceovers and dance. The limited client roster and staff of 10 enables ATB to remain committed to the goal of developing high quality talent while providing the personalized atmosphere of a management company.

Across the Board’s talent has been seen on numerous TV shows, films, commercials and theatre productions. Their models and photographers have been a part of major fashion campaigns and have been seen across the pages of domestic and international magazines.

ATB is honored to announce its move up into the big leagues. Using talent from across the board, ATB is currently packaging a major feature film as well as television series. As the client list becomes larger and more high-profile projects are being tackled, founder and CEO Guy Kochlani avows: “No matter how much we expand, our original business model will always remain on point. We provide one-on-one care and service to each client, no matter what.”

ATB represents talent and models in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, with offices in Los Angeles and New York-Times Square. There are plans to open offices in London, Paris, and Tel Aviv.

For more info, check us out at WWW.ATBTALENT.COM

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A 7-Eleven clerk once told me, “If you don’t like Doritos, you’re a communist.”  Not one to be blacklisted, I immediately bought fourteen bags.

A number of our clients have apparently had the same experience, because they’ve produced and starred in commercials for Doritos’ annual CRASH THE SUPERBOWL contest!  Every year thousands of applicants submit videos, but only ONE is chosen for the Super Bowl!  But that’s not all, folks!

The first place winner gets a cool $1,000,000 (plus we get 10% of that, right?).  Which is the same amount of money the kid in the movie Blank Check gave himself, and look at all the awesome stuff he was able to do!  Second place snags $600,000 and third $400,000…or enough to buy that new Aston Martin V12 Vantage (yes, James Bond’s car!).

Oh, did I mention that the first place winner gets to work with The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer)?  Yeah, there’s that, too.

Do yourself a favor and check out these awesome videos, and be sure to vote on both our poll as well as the Doritos CRASH THE SUPER BOWL website for your favorite!  Official voting begins on January 4th, so mark your calendars!

"Where are the links to the videos?!" you ask?  Look below, dear reader!

And remember to watch the Big Game on February 5th, because if you don't you hate America.  And you don’t hate America, do you?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Thanksgiving is here!

Turkey’s in the oven, pumpkin pie’s cooling by the windowsill, stuffing is being, uh…stuffed.  Yes, it’s that glorious time of year where we give thanks and gain five pounds!

Thanksgiving is about family.  It’s about coming together and sharing in the joy and comfort of one another, taking the time to recognize how fortunate we’ve all been.  We give thanks to those who have helped guide us to where we are today.

Across the Board Talent has plenty to be thankful for this year.  We have great staff, incredibly talented clients, and interns we just can’t live without.  We’re one big happy family. 

From all of us at ATB, thank you for giving us something to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is it, guys & gals.  This is where everything changes. 

Across the Board Talent has always been about one thing: giving our clients the time and respect they deserve.  Our small network allows us to focus on our talented clientele, giving them the competitive edge.  But we’re always looking for ways to improve, to make our connections stronger. 
And that’s happening now, with the upgraded ATBlog.

The ATBlog is a major site revamp dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date entertainment news, op-ed pieces, exclusive in-depth looks into the lives of our clients and our agency, casting opportunities and more!  Get ready to set as your home page, ‘cause this is the only site you’ll ever need.

Coming Soon…

  • Client Featurettes: Who are the talent that ATB represents?  Why did they choose their careers?  Why did ATB choose them? What do they do in their spare time, and where do they come from?  Do they have a favorite burger place?  We’ve all pondered these mysteries, yet their secrets constantly escape us.  No longer!  The answers to these riddles will finally be revealed in this bi-weekly column!
  •  (Legal) Insider Trading: Be on the inside of Hollywood as we break all the newest casting opportunities and scoops before they hit the press!  Get the leg up on the competition by knowing exactly what’s out there at all times.  Searching for that perfect role in the next blockbuster movie?  Look no further! 
  •  “Behind the Agency”: What’s it like behind closed doors at ATB?  Find out in our “Behind the Agency” feature!  How many phone calls does an agent make in a day?  What’s the latest Casting Director buzz?  How do the interns take their coffee?  You’ll just have to keep reading!
  •  Headshot of the Week: What goes into a good headshot?  Each week we’ll select a client’s headshot and analyze exactly what makes it “Star Material!”
  • Suggestions: Have an idea for a feature that isn’t listed?  Suggest it!  We’re here to please you, not our own creative egos!

So…how excited are you yet?  This is where everything changes.