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Thursday, August 23, 2012

AWARDS TIME: The 11th Annual Heller Awards

            You know about the Oscars, right?  Pretty prestigious stuff.  Well in the world of agents and managers we have our own award show: the Heller Awards.

Since 2002, the Talent Managers Association Seymour Heller Awards have defined excellence in the fields of casting and management.  Co-founded in 1954 (and originally called the National Conference of Personal Managers), the TMA “supports and encourages high ethical business standards and practices” and is “self-regulating and is dedicated to raising the standards of the profession of talent management.”  The Heller Awards, which are voted on by members of the TMA, honor the Casting Director’s, Agents and Managers who have shown exemplary initiative and drive. 

While there are a eight categories of nominees in this year’s Awards, we’ll showcase the four that affect actors most directly: Feature Casting Director, Television Casting Director, Commercial Casting Director and Associate Casting Director.  We’re always writing about the CD’s and how awesome they are, so let’s take the time to give them their proper due!


Deb Aquila/Tricia Wood – Aquila/Wood Casting

Lisa Beach/Sarah Katzman – Beach/Katzman Casting

Randi Hiller – Disney Motion Pictures Casting

Ricki Maslar – Ricki Maslar Casting

Mary Vernieu – Betty Mae Casting


Sharon Bialy/Sherry Thomas – Bialy/Thomas Casting

Krisha Bullock – Krisha Bullock Casting

Scott David – Scott David Casting

David Rapaport – David Rapaport Casting

Dan Shaner/Michael Testa – Shaner/Testa Casting


Craig Colvin – Craig Colvin Casting

Alyson Horn – Alyson Horn Casting

Ross Lacy – Ross Lacy Casting

Michael Sanford – The Casting Underground

Francene Selkirk-Ackerman – Shooting from the Hip


Gina Gallego – Disney Motion Pictures Casting

Sherie Hernandez – Greenstein/Daniel Casting

Russell Scott – Bialy/Thomas Casting

Eric Souliere – Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer Casting,

Jenny Treadwell – Krisha Bullock Casting

            Congratulations to all the Heller Awards nominees!  You guys earned it!

Lights, camera, action.

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