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Monday, October 22, 2012

RUSSELL MEANS: Saying Goodbye to a Friend

October 22, 2012

         Russell Means, represented by Across the Board Talent Agency, was a man who epitomized honor and dignity.  He was a constant inspiration, both through his incredible acting career and his political activism, and we are greatly saddened to have lost him.

         For ATB Talent, Russell was a beacon of potential.  His headshot, mounted on our wall, aged eyes of wisdom looking throughout the office, were our constant reminders of what we could accomplish.  Russell Means’ life was one ripe with adversity, yet he never let it beat him.  We turned that into our motto, using his life – and career – as our personal methodology.

Often controversial but never out of line, Russell leaves behind a legacy of enormous accomplishments.  As the first national director of the American Indian Movement from 1970 to 1973, he brought the issue of American Indian rights to the forefront of the political landscape.  He fought for the rights of his people, no matter the cost.

No wall was too high for Russell, and he chose to bypass the red tape and take his fight to the source: the President of the United States.  Our agents knew little of Russell’s political endeavors, so it was something of a surprise for us to learn that he ran, albeit unsuccessfully, for the Libertarian nomination in 1987.  He was always willing to put everything on the line to guarantee the rights of his people.

Russell’s career in acting was equally prolific, with his debut role in Michael Mann’s 1992 The Last of the Mohicans laying the groundwork for his eventual rise to cinema icon, with roles in Natural Born Killers, Pathfinder and Disney’s Pocahontas cementing that status.  He just completed work in a major feature film, starring alongside William Hurt, Jean Reno and Katie Holmes.  When producers needed a talented American Indian actor, Russell was their man.

Russell demonstrated his indissoluble loyalty to his people even when the night was at its darkest.  When he was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer in August 2011, he made the choice to reject mainstream medical practice, opting instead to be treated as his ancestors: by his Oglala Sioux brothers at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  Russell was a man of his people, and nothing, not even illness, would take that from him. 

Russell Means passed away this morning, one month before his 73rd birthday, fighting the fight of his ancestors.  His courage and integrity, as a political activist, actor, politician, husband and father, are set at standards that at first seem impossibly high.  Yet, when we take a moment to remember exactly who and what Russell was, we find the vision of empowerment that he so graciously projected. 

We’ll miss you Russell.  You were an astonishing inspiration, a client and, most importantly, a friend. 

By Alex Tafet

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